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I think I have finally figured out how to more or less keep myself feeling good in winter. What I have learned is that there is not much sense in pushing against the darkness. I never win when that happens. The energy runs a bit on the low side. Need to keep it simple. So for me these months are about writing songs getting myself off to jams. And if I feel like I want to present a song or two to an audience there are a bunch of great open mics for that. Winter. Keep it simple...

Up and Running... 


With my CD on the way - to be called Daylight Comes Through - it is time I enter the online world. So here goes. I will be stopping in this space to update what is going with the CD progress along with other Ralph Rambles ranging from songwriting and  gigs to jams and music I like listening to and anything in between.   


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Lot's of Jamming, Here, There and Everywhere!

Laying low from gigs for a couple of months - until there is least a hint of spring...

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