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Off We Go! 

7/1/31 Beginning today, in theory, I will have more time on my hands. More time to focus on music and all that comes with it. One of the "I'm going to...' items is to do a better job keeping this webpage updated. Given that I have averaged what seems like once a year for doing that, let's just say that the bar has been set low. Glad to be back doing some regular jamming with some gigs ahead. Off we go!

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade 

1/1/20 First day of 2020. Happy new year, happy New Decade. It almost does not seem real. I remember when I was a kid mention of 'the twenties/the roaring twenties' brought to mind items from history like Babe Ruth or the stock market crash...it seemed so far before my time that the twenties was something more mythical than real to me. I never considered that I would someday be part of a decade called the twenties. Well, here I am. Alive and kicking here on this first day of the twenties. It will be a big year. My hopes for the year are lots of music, moments of joy and, especially in this election year, peace and civility

Happy Halloween! 

10/31/19 Happy Halloween! Day after the World Series. Feeling really happy for the Washington Nationals and their fans. Believe me, I know what it is wait for a long time for something like that to come around! Just noticed my last update was at the end of June. Yikes. What a great summer it was. Tons of jams and a bunch of gigs. A trip to Acadia. Could not have been better. Well, today ends October which means a baby step into the edge of you know what. Take it easy time. One day at a time. No over committing. The coming season is saying this loud and clear. That's how I will approach it. And of course there will be songs to write about it. Yes, I'll be just fine.

All in All a Really Good Winter 

3/5/19 Sometimes I feel like the worlds worst person when it comes to posting. I am sure nobody reads these but still it is my site and I need to do better! It is March which means we are is already the quarter turn of the year. So far my New Year’s hope for playing lots of music is definitely happening. And I’m feeling really good about some of my new songs. All in all a really good winter but, boy am I looking forward to that first warm day when I sit outside and do some pickin'

Happy New Year 2019 

1/2/19 Happy new year! Putting a 19 at the end of the year. Weren't we just dealing with Y2K at the turn of the century? I am not sure I would categorize these as resolutions but my personal short list of hopes for 2019 are that I play more music than ever, meet more like minded musicians, always look for a positive aspect in every situation, be true and and accepting. Easy, right?

Up and Running... 


With my CD on the way - to be called Daylight Comes Through - it is time I enter the online world. So here goes. I will be stopping in this space to update what is going with the CD progress along with other Ralph Rambles ranging from songwriting and  gigs to jams and music I like listening to and anything in between.   


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